Top 5 free travel e-books to read during the COVID-19 lockdown period

We understand your love for travel and your annoyance of cancelled tour plans due to the current pandemic situation. Although we hope the times would be better soon and we will be able to enjoy the fresh breeze around our favourite travel destinations, COVID-19 doesn’t show any signs of saying goodbye soon. 

To upkeep your passion for adventure and travel while staying home, nothing can be better than reading some in-depth travel e-books.  Available for free online here are five eBooks that can help you dream about your next travel destination at the comfort of your home. While you are away from hectic work schedules, take advantage of this great time and grab your copy of eBook now.

10 Tips for a great wildlife photography experience in Masai Mara

In order to make the most of the photographic experience and get great images, the most important thing is a good camera, be it an SLR or even a compact one, high-quality lens is going to help a lot to improve the quality of the photos. However, having a good camera or even a professional team is useless if there is no "good eye" and “great timing” for nature on the part of the photographer. Here are a series of tips and tricks that helps catch a great shot during the Masai Mara safaris on your trip to Africa:

Top 6 honeymoon destinations in Africa

Are you getting married soon? If so, you're probably looking for the best destinations for your honeymoon. Maybe you already know the type of trip as you want. Or you are open to suggestions for an original and memorable honeymoon. Be that as it may, we invite you to discover the best honeymoon destinations in Africa, a continent that will make you vibrate and where you can enjoy life experiences to remember together with love all of life.

Where to travel to Asia in 2021? Top Seven Trending Destinations

There are incredible tourist places in Asia that you can visit when you are looking for the best nature travel destinations. The continent of the Far East offers you the possibility of visiting various cities that mix history, culture, nature and also technology. Its atmosphere, the decades of rich history and the mystery behind the history, make this a unique continent to visit.


Here we bring you some places on the Asian continent that will leave you breathless.