Ajit Hota

Nature Lover | Wildlife Conservation | Photographer

With EarthyHues, the best experience has always been the ease of communication, smooth booking experience and proactive coordination along with a very good documentation. The itinerary has always been the key part and am very happy with the ones planned for me. The suggestions have always been the key to a successful trip as that has to cover the recent changes in the region, or the latest information on sighting etc. Have always loved the clarity of the details provided by them. In addition to her, the guides are polite, have good knowledge of the region and tour they operate. Also, at times guide selection were accepted which is a big plus at times due to prior rapport with the guides. In respect to pre-travel instructions… the tour was planned very well each time with clear instructions, documentation shared prior to the tour in digital form. And also, the physical copy of the booking details was provided at a later stage. With EH, I have traveled alone, with colleagues, with friends and with photography group as well. The experience has been amazing as per the feedback from friends, colleagues and photography group tours. Specially the trip was organised keeping in mind that most of them were first time visitors to those places.

Anjuli & Peter Chittaranjan

Nature Travel | Wildlife Enthusiast

We had a tight nine-day programme and wanted to pack in the maximum possible in that period to get a feel of the "essence" of Kenya. Managed to do that and much much more. They crafted a very well thought out itinerary - covered a day stay in Nairobi, mandatory trip to the National Reserve, a Lake, White sand Beaches and of course a trip to the Equator - one of only 13 countries through which this imaginary line passes. The best part of our visit was exploring the majestic Maasai Mara and the visit to the Maasai Village. Having a Maasai Guide was great - he knew his way around, was able to communicate clearly in English and gave us some interesting information about the animals and Birds living in the Reserve. Bhavana provided us a detailed brochure with information about the places we were visiting, Do’s and Don’ts, Suggestions and Tips, Currency required, Weather forecast etc. One suggestion to for her local guide, he sometimes did not stop in the correct location - where camera angle would be best for photography. They need to be trained on the same. Also, Vehicle ignition should be put off, as often there is camera shake with the vehicle in "On" position. Travelling with the family - could not have had a better time for bonding (especially considering we are living in three different locations) and to celebrate my Birthday with that amazing and unique manner the Cake was brought to me by the Resort Staff at Masai Leisure Camp. Will forever be etched in memory. Our Overall experience - Would like to come back again - Need I say more!!

Ankur Bansal

A vivid nature traveler

To start with, the planning of the trip was very smooth and clear. Nothing hidden – no surprises. The itinerary was perfectly planned as per my schedule; due to which I completed my trips with ease and remembered one too. My experience with the all the guides were fantastic and superb. Awesome men with all capability to keep you charged. They communicated all the pre-requisites well in advance the information includes like, Currency Requirements, Tips to be paid, Dos and Don’ts, weather forecast etc My overall experience – one of the best – wonderful & awesome.

Ashok Deshpande

Nature Lover | Eco-Tourist

Our Masai Mara experience was one of the best!!!. As usual Bhavana never fails. It was a 4-day safari. We had the chance to see all the big five which was so Amazing for us. We enjoyed the moment. Our driver Ben was friendly and accommodating, and more importantly he was very knowledgeable about all of the wildlife, doing his best to ensure we had a great time. On the second day we went to discover Masai Mara game reserve, looking for wild animals and taking their pictures was the most amazing event. Meals were also served in time that is the breakfast, lunch and dinner. The agency also provided drinking water. We were so glad. Indeed, we had found what we wanted. On the third day we had our breakfast and we went for a drive into the lake Nakuru national park. It is located in the great rift valley; we saw flamingos and other bird species after that we had our lunch and game run in the afternoon. On that night we had an overnight in lake Nakuru. Dinner was served well. On the fourth day, it was our departure day. We had our breakfast after that we saw lions, rhinos, lots of flamingos. Sleeping in the camp was one of the best moments, this is because we were able to enjoy a peaceful night. In short we had the chance to see all the key animals and enjoyed the time in Savanah. This will always be a memorable moment for us because we got what we paid for. Thankyou Bhavana a lot for the effort.

Chinmayee Umrani

Nature Lover | Eco-Tourist

I met Bhavana at a common social event and instantly she came across as a humble human being to me...Gradually we became friends! We did over 7-8 trips (to include Lake Naivasha, Mt. Kenya, Diani, Dolphin safari, Samburu & Aberdare) through her in the last few years and every time I knew that this would be one great memory since we just went with a vacation mode on and Bhavna took care of absolutely everything else. Her meticulous planning considering even the choices of any family’s little ones too just make u feel so at home at any lodging or any transportation modes that u take! Being a friend I know this fact that before she arranges any trip she herself makes sure that she visits the places or at least has all the details with her right from the room allotments, cuisine that is served, right to the quality of towels in the bathrooms. Would like to mention just one thing here to sum up that with Bhavana taking care of your travel plans you definitely get a rejuvenating well deserved break!!!!

Karan Yadav

Nature Traveler | Professional Cyclist | Trained Mountaineer

Team at EarthyHues doesn't leave's anything to chance. From explaining the tour, hotel facilities, the extra bits all the way until one departs Kenya, they are meticulous. They make certain that we knew what we were paying for and genuinely wanted us to have a great trip. I could see that the team member was calling the driver to be sure that we were being looked after and having fun. The itineraries planned for us were more than sufficient and good value for money. In addition to the travel planner, I must say that the guides are well behaved and very punctual. As a tourist you can decide to relax, it’s your prerogative but not the guides. They will go with your flow but at the same time make sure that you are reminded what you may miss. Very patient specially with noisy kids around. We were given all the prior information about weather forecast, clothes to carry, tips to be paid, where to stop and other do's and dont's. There’s also a pre-trip briefing that Bhavana does all the time. Through EH, we have traveled extensively with friends and family and always had a great time. Overall, I can strongly recommend anyone to EH. The experience is just Awesome.

Yogita & Manish Sharma

Nature Traveler | Fitness Enthusiast

Thanks for your support in arranging booking to Ol Pajeta on such a short notice. It was a pleasant stay rather I will say one of the best so far in Kenya and my family can remember it for entire lifetime. We didn’t face any issues during our stay. I would like to share my experience of Ol Pajeta with this post.... Serena tented camps are placed very well inside the conservancy. We reached Ol Pajeta at 1:00 pm and on the first day while having lunch we spotted African Bull Elephants (a herd of 15) just 10 feets away from the dining hall near the watering hole. Imagine taking a selfie with African Bull Elephant, I did.. Weather was awesome, clear sky, the temperature here in day rises a bit due to the altitude (6800+ ft from sea level) as compare to Nairobi. We did 3 game safaris and in all of them we spotted Big 4 (only leopard was missing). Just after finishing our dinner, while waiting for our guide to take us to Night game drive we spotted 2 White rhinos near the water hole, close to dining hall. The one white rhino was huge with very big front horn (really big almost 25 to 30 inch) and second rhino was much smaller (might be male and female). What else you want, no need to go for game drive in OL Pajeta animals comes near to your tents and pays back your money worth. Our night game drive started from 9-11 pm and we were the only one in the forest, Just after 10 min we started our game drive a big male bull elephant which was hiding behind the trees came close to our car and threatened us to go away….was a scary event.

Rupali Grover

Eco-Conservation | Nature Traveler | Yoga Enthusiast

Team at EarthyHues have been very Professional, Reasonable and all comforts kept in mind for me as a Traveler. In-fact, the itineraries have been planned considering our likes and dislikes, pocket friendly and as directed. All our travel through them were very apt, no hidden costs involved, very personalized itinerary made for all my trips by the Company. I along with my husband (that time Fiancee) enjoyed the diversity we had while we traveled with different groups. We had different countries / continents / regions / colours / creed people travelling with us thru the Company. Apart from the memories we made - we did make some great friends globally thru these trips. The guides have been very Friendly and Professional, Informative and Knowledge based. We always have had splendid experiences whenever traveled with EarthyHues!

Somdev Sen

Wildlife Photographer | Nature Enthusiast

Bhavna is now a great friend. Over the years I have booked many Safaris and other Leisure trips through her and she has never ever failed me. Being a passionate wildlife photographer myself, Its important for me to stay and go to places that suit my requirements and Bhavna would always know the best for me. However, she would also remember always that I would travel with my family (wife and 2 kids) so she would also ensure that the location and stay were comfortable and enjoyable even for the kids. Another important thing that I must appreciate about Bhavna. Unlike many tour operators who are only bothered about the bill value, she would always suggest ways and means to save unnecessary costs. I have always referred Bhavna to many of my friends who have traveled to Kenya/East Africa and they have always come back really happy and satisfied. Our itineraries are always very well planned. Customized to suite specific needs, Sensitive about cost not compromising on quality. When one travels outside one’s country, one needs to depend upon his/her tour operator to guide him/her well. That’s exactly what I have always experienced while finalizing my travel itinerary with Bhavna. She will always recommend what’s best and explain the local nuances of the country and the place one is visiting. I have enjoyed every single aspect of my trips however being able to experience the wildlife of Africa and being able to capture those unbelievable moments through my lenses is definitely extra special. The quality of guides during an African Safari are most critical, they are the ones who would always be there with you from when you are picked up and then dropped back at the hotel or Airport after the trip. Thus, they are your driver and also your wildlife expert. Again, another experience that I have no complaints about with Bhavna. They are always friendly, cheerful, patient with kids and keen wildlife lovers. Before even we start the travel, all possible local nuances, possible hazards (bad roads, etc) were always informed in advance. Important things like Park fees, etc which require to be paid on the spot are also explained well in advance. Luckily, we didn’t have any bad experiences. Of-course when you travel such remote destinations, there could be some issue like food being very different and not to your palate, or an occasional puncture, etc but that’s a part of the adventure and one must embrace it. I have mostly travelled with Family and friends; they have all enjoyed equally. When you go for Safaris with little kids (I am taking mine since the time my younger daughter was 4 and the elder one 10) there are times when they get bored or tired, thus it’s important to also stay in camps/hotels where there is enough to keep the kids busy - Swimming pool, games area, etc. Bhavna would always ensure that she books places that would suit my kids. Overall my experience – Brilliant so far.

Toolika Poddar

Nature Traveler | Trekker

All the bookings done by EarthyHues were done seamlessly. I was amazed by the level of communication and the options that were given through the booking process. The team paid attention to all the requirements we had and gave us booking options that suited us. The rates were very competitive as well. For all our trips, the itinerary planned was keeping in mind our requirements. We have 2 young kids (6 and 4 years old) and my in-laws and parents also accompanied us on most of the trips. The itinerary that the team planned ensured our day was not hectic at the same time we were able to cover all tourist spots. The hotel locations that the team suggested were the best part. We are very finicky about our stay and the team ensured we had the best of the hotels for the stay at a great price. A lot of time we had a last-minute request which Bhavna and team accommodated each time we requested for assistance. Earthy Hues has amazing guides. They are very friendly, knowledgeable and pleasant people. During our Masai Mara trip the guide knew all the locations to spot animals. During my Mt Kenya Hike which was my 1st hike, the guide was very encouraging and motivated me to complete the hike. Without him, I do not think I would have been able to hike Mt. Kenya. They went over and beyond to make us feel comfortable and took care of our requirements with our kids and parents. All information like travel tips, weather condition, documents to carry etc. was provided in advance and on time. It helped us tremendously to plan our trip. Thumbs up to the team. It’s a great team that works to make your holiday memorable.

Umesh Khot

An Eco-Tourist | Nature Lover

It's been close to 6+ years now that we know Bhavana and the short trips and long tours which we have done through Bhavana have been refreshing and memories permanent. From the first trip that Bhavana crafted for us (Naro Moru Lodge, Kenya), the differences became very obvious as headaches were eliminated and the entire travel experience enhanced. What sets Bhavana apart? For starters the relationship immediately feels as if you have a private travel concierge at your disposal 24X7, dispensing years of industry knowledge and massive portfolio of personnel adventures to you. Immediately you get the sense you are working with someone who has been there, done that or knows those that have. Her range is amazing, and she has a great sense of knowing that each client has distinctive needs. I can assure you Bhavana will make the experience incomparable and special for you and no doubt you stay in a unique, hip place that few have heard of like Ngobit Ri ver Lodge. She will make your experience extraordinary and, when you share that adventure with your friends, and they look at you in awe we thank Bhavana for making it happen. The other piece to the experience that is unique is Bhavana's availability, she is there for you anytime any day. From the minute your adventure plans are hatched to the moment you arrive back home she's a phone call away. It's been very comforting for us to hear a familiar, knowledgeable, helpful voice when we've needed help in some remote region of the Kenya. We have done more than 10+ short and long tours (to include Mt. Kenya, Lake Naivasha, Diani, Dolphin Safari, Aberdare’s etc) in last 6 years with Bhavana and we will continue to call her for all our future explorations, and we will unequivocally recommend her. Bhavana and her husband Vinish have become good friends over the years and for us that has been the icing on the cake of a great relationship!! Thank you Bhavana for the memories!!!


Adventurer | Nature Lover | Eco-Tourist

I’ve always booked my travel plans through Bhavana, since 2014 when I shifted to Kenya. Since then to now 2019 all my family and friend’s trip have been done through her. I have always found it so easy to communicate to her what we need, the bookings have always been done fast even last minute sometimes. I’ve travelled to Masai Mara intrepid camp through her, it was such a memorable trip for me with my parents and they loved the property booked for us, the tents were beautiful the food was great and we had the best guide and safari experience as well...a trip that will always stay close to my heart because my father was thrilled and wanted to visit next time for a longer stay! I’ve also been to tsavo so many times now and the experience have been equally satisfying.... Infact no matter where I plan now, I think I always give her a call because of the planning done well:)